In Memory and Honor of Truman

Remembering Truman


 In Memory and Honor of Truman


This project is dedicated to our Bulldog Truman.  Truman was just five years of age and battled kidney disease.  On August 19th 2019 Truman succumb to the effects of this disease and out of mercy was put to rest. Truman was so dearly loved and his death has left our family broken hearted.  When this website was conceived Truman was our inspiration hoping Truman would rally, respond and live a long healthy life as we diligently provided care, worked with veterinarians and spent many hours making homemade food tailored for his condition.  Unfortunately, his illness proved to be untreatable and despite our very best efforts, love, care and prayer Truman is no longer with us.


Truman remains the focus of this website as we seek to honor not only our boy who was a loved family member.  Multitudes of people share this same love and affection for their beloved pets and Fleabag exists for sharing the good and bad, happy times and sad and to honor pets everywhere.


Fleabag endeavors to provide the ultimate platform to showcase your pets, share pictures and video and engage with pet lovers everywhere.


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