Arthritis and Your Pet
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[ Arthritis is joint disease which is common to both people and pets. The term arthritis is used in both the fields of human and veterinary medicine to describe various types of joint inflammation. There are varying types of arthritis which also have varying causes. Degenerative, rheumatoid and infections are types of arthritis each with unique characteristics and causes. Autoimmune disease, sulfa and other antibiotics, infections each can...
Can Dogs Get Heat Stroke
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street-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com_45_a06040b3ac11e092fe0050568d634f_file_hub-dogs-adult.jpgDuring our physical education days in school, we have been constantly reminded about the dangers of heat stroke as well as identifying the symptoms of it. While we know that heat stroke is dangerous, do you know that dogs can also develop heat stroke? This should be common sense! Indeed, dogs can get heat stroke...
Feeding and Nutrition for Dogs with Renal Disease
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Canine Kidney Disease Treatment - Fleabag.net
If you ever have a dog who is suffering from renal disease, you will be stumped at the type of food as well as nutrition that the dog can eat. True enough, if your dog have kidney issues, there are certain type of food that your dog can’t take.

Let us look a little closer at the feeding or nutrition for dogs who are suffering from renal issues...
The Benefits of Homemade Food for Dogs
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Homemade Dog Food Benefits - Fleabag.net

What do you feed your dog? Does your dog survive on store-bought food alone, or you prepare a hearty meal for her every day? Nutrition plays an important role in the health of your canine, but many pet owners don’t realize that commercial dog food is not the best source of nourishment and vitality for their animal companion.

Would you gobble only...
How to Housebreak a Puppy
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Puppy Housebreaking - Fleabag.netBelieve it or not, housebreaking a puppy can be extremely easy, simply a matter of time. If you follow the clear steps outlined below, your pup is guaranteed to pick up the habit! Problems arise, the entire process taking longer and maybe even seeming like the puppy can’t learn, when the owner either doesn’t follow these steps or isn’t consistent.

Helpful Hints For Training Your New Puppy
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Puppy Training Tips - Fleabag.net

What can be cuter than coming home with a new puppy with their big paws and adorable face? Now comes training and housebreaking which is no walk in the park! If there is a stage in a dog's life that takes tons of patience, it's when they are puppies! Too often people complain their puppy is not listening to them or just refuses to obey. In all honesty...
Learn How To Successfully Communicate With Your Dog
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By nature, dogs belong to a pack and each member of the pack knows their position including who the pack leader is. Your dog's pack is made up of you, your family members, and other pets including other dogs in your home. It is really important that you understand that the Alpha dog of the pack is the leader and protector of the entire pack and you must be ready and able to fill that role. It's really important that your dog knows who the...
How To Stop Your Dog From Barking
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All dogs bark, it's in their DNA. It's a form of communication, to greet your return home, or they are just bored! Why dogs bark and how to stop dog barking are going to be addressed in this post.

If you have a dog, you know barking is a part of their agenda. There are other reasons why dogs bark, they are looking for attention or when they become excited or bored. Dog barking, in some cases, is annoying and will probably have your...

Dog Training And Caring For Your Dog

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Training And Caring For Your Dog - Fleabag.netDogs have played an important role in human's lives for literally thousands of years. From images on the walls of Egyptian tombs to the latest commercials that use dogs to please viewing audiences, they have been a part of many different cultures and are highly revered.

Although dog owners love their pet, there are many challenges that involve...
How To Care For A Dog With Allergies
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Dogs with allergies can fall into many different categories including their breed, they have small nasal passages, especially breeds with rather flat faces, they have severe reactions to fleas, have problems digesting their food, they have an allergy from the food, and even allergies to their own hair and dander.

Some breeds are more susceptible to allergies than others including retrievers, beagles, bichon frise, terriers, boxers, and...
Can Feral Cats Become Good Pets?
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Feral cat socialization - Fleabag.net Most people mistake strays for feral cats. Feral cats are born outside and do not have a home. Strays are cats that owners have deserted and thrown out but were born and raised inside. Feral cats can be very shy or afraid of people because they've never been in contact with humans but with patience and providing them food outside your home, they might...